Welcome, foolish mortals…

         Our tour begins here, in this ghostly internet hub, where you will learn all about the elusive denizen of the Haunted Mansion who has come to be known as the Hatbox Ghost (Hattie, for short). This skeletal, formally-dressed spook haunted the mysterious attic of Gracey Manor from his death in 1877 to 1969, when the Haunted Mansion was moved to Disneyland and he got banished for failing to report for duty one day. After almost fifty years of absence and unsuccessful tries to get back in the Attic, he finally came back to his haunting grounds, ready to scare once more. And we opened the present website to teach you all about his eventful life (and afterlife).

On The Hatbox Ghost, you will find:

  • Amazing unseen data about the Hatbox Ghost and the other Happy Haunts' mortal life;
  • Comics and cartoons depicting their haunting antics;
  • Thrilling stories set in the familiar Haunted Mansion, starring our heroes;
  • Summaries of other biographical accounts of the Happy Haunts.

Now, as they say, ‘look alive’, and enjoy your tour!