Biographies and necrographies


Ah, there you are! We have been looking for you.

Here, you will be guided to pages detailing the former lives (some mortals call this “backstories”) of some of the most notable Happy Haunts of the Haunted Mansion. 


Please, choose your character and leave this room without lagging behind. We'd hate to loose you… so soon.


The Hatbox Ghost

(Thomas E. Hatter)

The Beating Heart Bride

(Emily Gracey)

The Beating Heart Bride

(Emily Cavanaugh De Claire)

The Gorgon


The Ally Gal

(Sally Slater)

The Tokyo Bride


The Ghostess

(Little Leota)

The Ghost Host

(Vincent Beauregard Gracey)

The Aging Man

(Dorian Gracey)

The Organist

(Thaddeus Morgan)

The Skeleton Hitchhiking Ghost

(Ezra Dobbins Beane)

Number One Thousand


The Thing


The Shadow Pianist

(Lewis Gershwin Baroketch)


The Shoebox Ghost

(Robert Hatter)

The Phantom

(Henry Ravenswood)

The Captain

(Bartholomew Gore)

The Coffin Occupant

(Mr Davis -- maybe)

Out of character presentation:


Every character page is divided in two parts.


Who is [character name]? provides a description of the ghoul

as he can currently be seen, and tells you of his place in the Haunted

Mansion as it is today. The informations in this part are generally reliable

and “canon”. 


Haunt's History is the backstory we have assigned the character.

In some cases, it might include information either completely canon or

based on canon/semi-canon materials, but it is not, as a rule,

official, and not canon to anything but the Ghost Library stories. It also

often includes bits of other fan fictions. 


This section is a thematic cousin of the famous Ghost Gallery

another, more famous attempt at backstorying the Mansion characters. We

decided to create this page because, although an interesting first step,

the Ghost Library is tonally very dissonant of the light-hearted,

humoristical ride. A little drama with the Brides is fine,

but they really overdo it! So all of the stories here

will include at least a little bit of comedy.


The names and backstories we have assigned the characters

can be from four distinct sources: a fair share is original, of

course. Some names and ideas come from the aforementioned

Ghost Gallery. Others are based on canon (the ride) or semi-canon

(the comics, the Ghost Postmaterial. And finally,

some details and names come from tumblr

blogs and/or DeviantArt fanfics.


The pictures can either be concept-art, photos,

or fan-art gleaned around the web. If you see a picture

here which you believe belongs to you, and would

like to see it removed (or you to be credited),

do contact us here.